INV 10: High Shear Colloid Mills

The in line high shear colloid mill is used to physically pre-treat biomass to 10ths of microns scale.  The product is “wet” milled, with the adjustable stator/rotor space defining the final particle sizes of the suspensions.

The envisioned equipment size is for 500 - 2000 l/h, which matches the existing pilot scale equipment for biochemical pretreatment. 

The advantage of using this type of physical pre-treatment is that the biomass becomes more accessible to for example enzymes or for dispersion purposes.  This leads in a lot of cases to reduced enzyme use and higher product conversion yields, thus making the process more economical. 

The request comprises high shear colloid milling or similar techniques in mechanical pre-treatment of  biomass.

How will this equipment help SMEs in NWE:  

A broader range of biomass and a better pre-treatment evaluation will be possible. In specific processes, better OPEX results will be obtained compared to the current miller, which results in a higher chance that investors are persuaded to invest into the process, thus increasing the market chances of the new product/process.