INV 12: Pilot spray dryer (5-10 kg/h)

In the spray dryer, hot dry air is used as carrying and heating medium to evaporate the water from relatively wet products that are sprayed in the “tower” head via an atomiser wheel or via nozzles. In a cyclone, the moist air is separated from the collected product powder.

The technology is often applied in food- and feed-applications, as well as in enzyme production and for polysaccharide fibrous products. The volume of the requested spray dryer corresponds to the available fermenters that are used for fermentation development i.e. 5-100 litre scale.

How will this equipment help SMEs in NWE:

The equipment is aimed at spray drying at a relatively small scale. This will allow to test the process feasibility quickly, efficient and in a cost-effective manner. The possibility to make powders give the customer a stable product for example for application or blending trials, without the need for a third party. Involving a third party for smaller samples is more costly, time consuming and less efficient.  The equipment scale requested here counters both timing, cost issues where now external feasibility trials are needed. For larger scales, the service will still be outsourced.