INV 13: Pilot extraction column with reciprocal stack. (6-15 kg/h)

Several clients of BBEPP, asked for extraction capabilities.  Until now this could not be provided, or the service was outsourced thus increasing the cost for the client. Being able to include extraction in the BBEPP offer to clients ensures a more complete technology package.

The extraction column will be used to extract metabolites or products from a typical watery phase into a solvent phase. This extraction represents an efficient purification step towards an excaptable final product quality.  Also will the column allow to optimize and size extraction processes for customers, thereby giving them a product sample as well as valuable scale-up information for future design work.
The column can be used for fermentative products, pretreatment and green chemistry processes.

How will this equipment help SMEs in NWE: 

This column will provide SMEs with an initial product produced by a process comparable to a full scale process. Next to kg quantities also scale-up data can be provided to run the extraction step at multi ton size.