INV 15: Pilot Reactor (ATEX, 100L)

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant offers scale-up and piloting reactions at its facilities. On several instances the large gap between lab equipment and the smallest available (ATEX) chemical reactor (500L) was too large to offer efficient scale-up and adequate delivery of mid-scale samples. For several companies it was hard to provide enough material to do a pilot test at 500L scale. A couple of tests were performed with a filling volume of only 100L leading to suboptimal process conditions and process deviations that could have been avoided in a smaller vessel. To tackle this problem, and fill the gap between lab and 500L scale, a pilot reactor of intermediate scale (100L) was purchased. 

How will this equipment help SMEs in NWE:

This pilot reactor allows us to use suitable sized equipment for pilot experiments, tailored to the needs of the process and SMEs requesting the experiment. This will lead to:

  • a significant reduction in work hours and thus costs for the experiments
  • more reliable processes
  • a suitable capacity for processes tailored to the needs of SMEs.