INV 2,3 and 4: 15m3 Industrial High Cell Density Fermentation Vessel with Feed and Energy Balance System

This 15m3 fermentation vessel is needed to perform high cell density fermentations and to fulfill all quality requirements for such processes and products. The fermenter will be equipped with two stirrer systems:

  • one for high cell density fermentations with bacteria, e.g. E. Coli or P. Putida
  • one for processes with high density fungal fermentations. Fungal fermentations have specific stirrer requirements to achieve high mixing at low shear.

The fermenter will be installed with the latest standards regarding operation efficiency and data aquisition to allow efficient scale-up and technology transfer for many different processes.

How will this equipment help SMEs in North West Europe:

An investment of this type is too large for an SME to bear compared to the risk associated with this point of development. With this investment, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will be able to serve SMEs for:

  • the production of sample quantities
  • the preparation of Technology Transfer packages
  • scale-up
  • proof of principle studies

This size of fermenter will allow to make proper mass and energy balances used for industrial realisation of the projects of SMEs.