INV 8: Shaker Chambers (3 pieces)

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The aerobic shakers allow to cultivate microorganisms at predefined temperature and mixing conditions. These shakers are used to prepare pre-cultures for lab and pilot tests. They are also used for medium or parameter optimization studies of microbial processes. The current shakers of BBEPP cannot operate at low temperatures since no cooling is present. In addition, the current capacity at BBEPP is in general not high enough to follow up on the fermentation projects.

How will this equipment help SMEs in NWE:

The amount of request Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant receives for microbial fermentation development (a.o. from bio-innovation coupon holders Agrosavfe (BE) and Autodisplay Biotech (DE)) exceeds the capacity of the shakers present today. Several projects are on hold because of the lack of shaker capacity. This is especially caused due to the different temperature requirements of each process which strongly reduces the flexibility of the capacity.

With this investment Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will be able to better serve SME´s in terms of process development. The capacity allows to do a broader range of studies, delivering high quality data and a well funded base for the further development of the fermentative processes.