INV 9: Pin Mill or Hammer Mill

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Cutting Mills and Pin Disk Mills are used to reduce particle size, break up, and/or cut agglomerates of dry materials such as crystals. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant had no access to such equipment and was not able to supply to its customers a properly grinded powder, with a homogenous character and predefined particle size.

How will this equipment help SMEs in NWE:

With this investment Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will be able to better serve companies including SMEs. The cutting mill and pin disk mill allow to supply a product with predefined powder characteristics. Two similar products with a different particle size dissolve and mix differently which gives the impression that the quality of the product is different. E.g. for sample testing, delivering a powder of predefined size will help to persuade the customers/partners of the SME that develops the product, of the quality and performance of the new product.