Bio Base NWE Roundtable in The Netherlands


Biobased Cluster Meeting

To conclude the Bio Base NWE project in the Netherlands, REWIN West-Brabant organizes a final meeting in collaboration with Bio Base NWE.

It follows on the biobased clusters that are active in West-Brabant: Horticulture, Coatings, Pyrolysis,  Aromatics, Construction, Dyes and Packaging. In the innovation process and within these clusters, the exchange of knowledge is very important. Therefore the emphasis of the event will be on meeting, sharing success stories and connecting.

In addition, an inventory will be made of the challenges SMEs encounter in implementing the biobased economy.

When:    September 23rd, 2015, 13.00 - 20.00

Where:   Landgoed 't Ulvenhart, Ulvenhout AC, The Netherlands

Who:      Entrepreneurs

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