Innovation coupons

Worth up to €30.000 to assess the feasibility of an innovative biobased idea.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE, September 2015: All available Innovation Coupons have been granted!

Innovation coupons are an important tool of the Bio Base NWE project. These up-to-€30.000 innovation coupons provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with access to the facilities of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, an independent and flexible state-of-the-art pilot plant for biobased technologies.

This allows your business to assess the feasibility of taking a bio-based idea or a technology into industrial production. The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant provides testing and production facilities from laboratory to multi ton scale. Bio Base NWE provides not only technological know-how, but also efficient action plans as well as risk and cost assessment.

Who can apply for a coupon?

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from North West Europe. An SME is an enterprise with less than 250 employees and a revenue of at most €50 million. For SME located outside North West Europe, a case by case approach will be taken.

How to apply for a coupon?

Contact the bio-innovation agent in your region. He/she will guide you through the process and can assist you in completing the short (2 pages) application form.
The call is open until 30/06/2015. There are 50 coupons available of maximum €30.000 each.

Terms of reference - Application form

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APPLY for Financial support

Worth up to €30.000 to assess the feasibility of an innovative biobased idea.