UK Government lays down the foundations for a UK Bioeconomy


The UK Government has published a report detailing the enormous opportunities resulting from growing the bioeconomy. The report ‘Building a high value bioeconomy: Opportunities from Waste’ presents the basis for the growth of the bioeconomy in the UK and the enabling actions required to realise the opportunity.

Bio Base NWE in the 'Spotlight' on INTERREG IVB website


The Bio Base NWE project has been selected by the INTERREG IVB administration to be put in the 'Spotlight' on their homepage.

Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon Receiver realises breakthrough


Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables has become the first in the world to produce biofuel capable of powering cars from residues of the whisky industry. It now plans to build a production facility in central Scotland after manufacturing the first samples of bio-butanol from the by-products of whisky fermentation.

Celtic Renewables started the scale-up of their innovative process in 2013 using a Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon.

Up to 30% tax credit for French companies cooperating with the Ghent Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.


Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP), a leading pilot plant for bio-based products and processes located in the port of Ghent, has been recognised by the French Government as a research facility. French companies making use of the services of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant can consequently obtain a tax credit of up to 30% on the invoice. The outsourced work must, however, come within the scope of Research and Development activities, or be linked to Innovation. Bio Base NWE previously announced that it would award innovation coupons up to €30,000 to innovative companies wishing to carry out tests at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. Cooperation with BBEPP is consequently now becoming of great interest to French companies, particularly French SMEs.

EU and Industry Partners Launch €3.7 Billion Investments in the Renewable Bio-based Economy


Brussels, 9 July 2014 - EU and industry leaders have today launched a new European Joint Undertaking on Bio-based Industries (BBI). The aim is to trigger investments and create a competitive market for bio-based products and materials sourced locally and 'Made in Europe', tackling some of Europe's biggest societal challenges.

Also launched today is the BBI's first Call for Proposals.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a member of the Bio-Based Industries Partnership.




EURONEWS Broadcasting


EURONEWS, more specifically its program entitled ‘Business Planet’, featured Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and the Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon System in November 2013.


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