Bio Base NWE will:

  • Identify and represent the needs and opportunities of SMEs in the implementation of the new EU Bio-Economy Strategy actions for competitiveness and market development. 
  • Strengthen transnational and regional policy interaction, stakeholder engagement and define a transnational action plan for future biobased cooperation initiatives.

 To identify the needs of and opportunities for SMEs, Bio Base NWE will:

  1. (2013) Launch a questionnaire among European SMEs to indentify needs of and hurdles for SMEs.
  2. (2014) The results of this questionnaire will be analysed and completed by a set of roundtable meetings.
  3. (2015) An implementation plan based on the outcome will be written and implementation will start.

One of the actions of the EU Strategy is to create a public-private-partnership (PPP) for biobased industries in Europe to enhance competitiveness and market development, the Bio-Based Industries Initiative. Partner Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is currently one of the initiators of this PPP. The Bio Base NWE project will provide a channel for the SMEs of North West Europe to get a representation in the Bio-Based Industries Initiative.