Bio Base NWE developed a specific set of questions targeted to SMEs, as part of the SME needs assessment survey. The design of the questionnaire was coordinated by biobased transition expert Dirk Carrez ( in close collaboration with the bio-innovation agents.

Based on the results of this questionnaire, a report was compiled. The report was co-written by the coordinating expert and the bio-innovation agents and addresses (a.o.) needs and actions related to bottlenecks in the innovation chain, models for cooperation, research and innovation support, research funding, support and financing mechanisms for entering the bio-economy market. Policy recommendations to address all of these issues were compiled.

Bio Base NWE will make sure that the results of this analysis and the recommendations will be incorporated into the work program and structure of the Bio-Based Industries Initiative.

DOWNLOAD here the "Bio Base NWE analysis report on the bottlenecks SMEs encounter in the bio-economy".

DOWNLOAD here the Joint Strategy and Action Plan containing Policy Recommendations to stimulate the biobased economy in North West Europe.  

The Bio Base NWE network also produced Bioeconomy Factsheets for Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Ireland and Europe. The factsheets give an overview of the bioeconomy innovation technology system in each of the countries/regios, including the key government interventions, research initiatives, networks and finance instruments. You can download the factsheets below.



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