Roundtable discussions bringing together stakeholders (policy makers, researchers, companies, end-users, consumer organizations, civil society …) in the biobased economy will be organized in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and United Kingdom to explore and align the different policy and development aims for the future years.

The combined results of the questionnaire and the roundtable meetings will be used to analyse the ‘landscape’ of the bio-economy in each partner territory: strengths and weaknesses in policies, capacities and specialisation of companies, research and knowledge centers.
We will make a comparative analysis of these regional results to identify synergies and complementarities among the partner regions.

This will be used to formulate a joint strategy of the Bio Base NWE partnership to use the full potential for future development of the bio-based economy in North West Europe through cooperation among industry and regional authorities and policy makers. It will identify future cooperation initiatives among the partner territories and offer suggestions and recommendations to decision makers on the possibilities to support the biobased economy.