REWIN West-Brabant is established to promote investment by national and international companies in the region of the Southwest Netherlands. Our goal is to develop business opportunities and support the establishment of companies in the Southwest Netherlands. REWIN operates entirely independently and, thus, can provide support in an open and fully co-operative way. Our motive for this is strengthening the economic structure of the region, by attracting and supporting new economic activity, which creates additional employment and further enhances the inviting investment climate of the area.

It is one of our main tasks to give companies, exploring the possibility of setting up in the Southwest Netherlands, expert and swift advice. In doing so, REWIN is one of the main founders of the Biobased Delta. Through the Biobased Delta programme, the development of the biobased economy is accelerated and new business opportunities are created.

REWIN is the executing organisation for the Bio Base NWE-project under the Interreg IVb-programme in the Netherlands. As a result, Bio Base NWE is strongly linked with the Biobased Delta programme.

BioBased Delta

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Oil and gas is used for a wide array of applications, from plastics and chemicals to fuels. But this fossil fuel will eventually be depleted, which is why we must find fully-fledged and sustainable alternatives. And they exist. In the South-western Netherlands, entrepreneurs in Zeeland and Brabant are examining the possibilities of green raw materials. Regionally cultivated crops form the basis of chemical specialities.

The South-western Netherlands is a front runner in the bio-based economy. With a large agro and chemical sector, advantageous geographical location (Antwerp-Rotterdam axis), deep sea ports and collaboration between multinationals, SMEs, knowledge institutes and government agencies, the region is entrepreneurial, distinctive and application-oriented. Under the name Biobased Delta, we facilitate the further development of this collaboration and strengthen the front runner position.

The distinctive characteristics of the Biobased Delta are:

  • Cross-border collaboration in various areas (with Flanders and within the Netherlands).
  • A region with more commercial projects compared to any other region. 
  • Various projects have been launched with EU funding, creating an excellent basis to continue as a front runner in new European programmes.
  • Applications are at the forefront in the South-western Netherlands, with knowledge institutes and companies from elsewhere being invited to participate in projects.
  • The bio-based economy in the South-western Netherlands is a broad movement involving not only multinationals but also SMEs, knowledge institutes and government agencies.
  • Nowhere else are there so many connections between the agrarian (and aquatic) sector and the chemical sector, hence the designation ‘Agro meets Chemistry’.

The overall ambitions are as follows:

  • Emphasis on the processing of biomass into green raw materials and semi-manufactured products retrieved from (agro) residual flows for the process industry. There are three key themes in this area:
  1. Green raw materials. 
  2. Green building blocks for the chemical industry.
  3. Greenification of the process industry and closing the chain.
  • Expanding the Biobased Innovations investment programme to €600 million by 2020.
  • Greater focus on investments through large-scale expansion projects.
  • Creating several thousand new jobs either through start-ups or attracting businesses from elsewhere.
  • Intensifying collaboration with partners in the Netherlands, Flanders and other regions/countries in order to effectively capitalise on European programmes and facilitate balanced chains.

Top locations within the Biobased Delta:

  1. Bio Base Europe
  2. Biopark Terneuzen
  3. Vlissingen
  4. Rusthoeve
  5. Green Chemistry Campus
  6. Nieuw Prinsenland
  7. Moerdijk

Biobased Delta Top Locations

Top locations in the Biobased Delta

For further information, please contact:
Hugo Dekkers
Bio Innovation Agent - REWIN
+31 6 22 66 39 34