TeeGene Biotech Ltd. successfully conducted biosurfactant manufacturing process with Bio Base NWE Innovation Voucher

What a nice experience for a start-up to conduct a feasibility study: ‘It was one of the great moments, when I met a Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) facilities representative at the Industrial Biotech Leadership Forum (IBLF) at London in Feb 2015. I picked up ... more

Celtic Renewables lands £11million grant after winning DfT competition

Celtic Renewables is the biggest winner in a competition run by the UK Department for Transport (DfT), earning an £11million grant to help it build the world’s first plant dedicated to the production of advanced biofuel from the residues of the whisky industry. Celtic Renewables was able to develop its innovative biobased process using a Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon. more

BiCHEM Technology was granted a Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon

BiCHEM Technology is a young and ambitious company active in process development for biomass conversion. more

Pectcof (The Netherlands) extracts pectin from coffee pulp

Pectcof has developed a technology to extract bio-compounds (pectin) from industrial coffee waste (the leftover when coffee cherries are seperated into coffee beans and waste). At this moment in time, this coffee pulp is imported from Costa Rica and Colombia where it is dumped next to roads and in rivers, causing huge environmental problems. more

CLEA Technologies collaborates with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant to scale-up a technique

CLEA Technologies used an Innovation Coupon for scale-up and separation tests. In cooperation with the experienced engineers of BBEPP, CLEA production was performed at large scale. In addition, various methods of separation were successfully tested. more

Millvision (The Netherlands) optimizes new pulping technology

One of the specialisations of Millvision is process optimisation for the paper and board industry. The company from Raamsdonk (The Netherlands) works on a new pulping technology to extract lignocellulosic fibers from agricultural rest streams. more

Celtic Renewables partners Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant following €1,5million investment

The feasibility of Celtic Renewables' innovative process to produce biobutanol from byproducts of the whisky industry was evaluated at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, using a Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon. This assessment enabled them to gather a next round of investments worth €1,5million. More

Eco Treasures (Belgium) successfully uses Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon

Eco Treasures worked on a challenging concentration of a water extract of a specific seed at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. Eco Treasures CEO Ir. Kris Schatteman states: “This extraction process is a new opportunity for our company and the concentration of the water extract maintaining bio-activity of the extract is a critical step in this new process.” more

Autodisplay Biotech (Germany) uses Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon to assess technical and economic feasibility.

Autodisplay Biotech CEO Dr. Ruth Maas said: "We are very happy to have been granted the Innovation Coupon. Gaining access to the facilities and expertise of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant will significantly speed up the development of our internal product pipeline." more

AgroSavfe (Belgium) evaluates filtration methods at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.

Marnix Peferoen, CEO of AgroSavfe, stated: “The Innovation Coupon is an important support and incentive to evaluate the expertise of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant for the large scale production of agrobodies, as required for our research and product development.” more


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