AgroSavfe (Belgium) evaluates filtration methods at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.

AgroSavfe used the Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon to evaluate filtration as a method to purify their proprietary agrobodies.

About AgroSavfe

AgroSavfe employs its proprietary AgrobodyTM technology platform to develop superior crop protection products, based on active ingredients with proven efficacy, in combination with AgrobodiesTM as formulation agents. AgrobodiesTM directed against crop produce, leaves, seeds, pests or particular structures thereof enable targeted delivery and retention of the active ingredient at or near its site of action. Targeted delivery and improved retention of AgrobodyTM-based crop protection products allow for reduced application dosage and for extended performance with reduced application frequencies. AgrobodyTM-based crop protection products are designed to have superior characteristics over conventional crop protection products with respect to increased performance, improved sustainability and enhanced convenience for the grower and safety for the consumer.

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Contact person: Marnix Peferoen, CEO

Phone: +32 + 9 261 0691

Email: marnix.peferoen [at]