Autodisplay Biotech (Germany) uses Bio Base NWE Innovation Coupon to assess technical and economic feasibility.

Autodisplay Biotech used a Bio Base NWE innovation coupon to assess the technical and economic feasibility of one specific biocatalyst process expressed in their proprietary Autodisplay technology, a bacterial surface display technology which in addition to biocatalytic applications can also be used for screenings and the functionalisation of solid surfaces.

About Autodisplay Biotech

Autodisplay Biotech GmbH is a company commercializing its proprietary expression platform for the display of heterologous proteins or peptides on the surface of E. coli. This surface display system offers numerous advantages compared to established surface technologies. Autodisplay Biotech GmbH offers custom-tailored products and services for the fields of biocatalysis, functionalisation of solid surfaces and screening.

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