CLEA Technologies collaborates with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant to scale-up a technique

CLEA Technologies is an SME originally set up to further develop and commercialise cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEAs), a new and patented ezyme immobilisation technology. CLEA Technologies has accumulated extensive knowledge in the development of biocatalytic processes. This knowledge, combined with close collaboration with various enzyme producers, makes CLEA Technologies one of the few companies capable of offering the complete integration of enzyme immobilisation and biocatalytic process development from an early stage in the development process.

CLEA has developed an immobilised enzyme for a large customer that can be used for a number of important chemical conversions in the bio-based economy. By immobilising the enzyme in question, it can be effectively re-used, delivering a substantial cost saving.

Correct operation of the CLEAs was not demonstrated until 500 ml scale. The CLEAs were re-used more than 50 times.  A number of scale-up experiments were necessary for successful technology transfer to the customer, for which the company did not have the necessary equipment. Effective use was made of the innovation coupon of Bio Base NWE, which enabled these tests to be performed at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. In cooperation with the experienced engineers of BBEPP, CLEA production was performed at large scale. In addition, various methods of separation were successfully tested. These separating methods are used for the production of the CLEAs, but also for separating the CLEAs from the product flow. The cooperation with BBEPP has partly led to tests currently being performed on a large scale at the customer.  

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