Educating the next generation of (bio)process operators and technicians

One of the main challenges that the technology sector throughout North West Europe currently faces is the recruitment of a well skilled labour force. Companies looking to employ process operators, technicians or, more specifically bioprocess operators, risk encountering possible labour shortages.

Actively promoting technical professions among the potential students is one possible solution, enhancing the existing educational infrastructure is another.

One of the Bio Base North West Europe (NWE) project’s aims is to promote innovation and training for the biobased economy. For training future professionals for the industry, the project is focussing on secondary vocational, educational institutes and technical colleges in the North West European countries.

The Bio Base Europe Training Center (BBETC) not only offers state of the art practical training facilities, but also web based process simulation, e-learning and testing capabilities.


Bio Base NWE provides programs and tools for training and education to help tackle the shortage of skilled professionals in North West Europe’s biobased industries.

Bio Base NWE creates computer-based training materials for training new biobased process operators and retraining general process operators in the specifics of the biobased industry.

We will ensure the roll-out of these materials to training institutes across North West Europe and deliver a training-the-trainers program. Bio Base NWE will enable capacity building and training of professionals in business, research and other stakeholders in the state-of-the-art the biobased economy by organising a bio-innovation Summer School.

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