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Even if modern educational environments teach students both the theory and practical aspects of the various topics, a full range of demo-installations for (bio-)chemical processes will not be available in most cases. This is where e-learning and process simulations become most useful enriching regular lessons with up-to-date practical sessions, that are engaging and instructive. Furthermore competencies and skills will be developed, and can also be monitored, tested and tracked by use of the web platform’s capabilities.

For the (bio-)process industry itself, process simulations and e-learning can make a huge contribution to the training of employees. Although installations became increasingly reliable, start-up and shutdown procedures nevertheless remains a key factor. Such competencies and skills can be monitored and trained using process simulations.

The Bio Base Europe Training Center (BBETC) in Terneuzen (NL) offers state of the art practical training facilities for operators and technicians.

These training capabilities, which include web based process simulations and e-learning, have been developed within the INTERREG IVb project 'Bio Base NWE' and have been co-financed by the Dutch province of Zeeland. From October 2015 these tools will be made available and accessible by BBETC's web platform.

Educational institutes for vocational training of process operators and technicians, as well as private companies in the bio- and petro-chemical sectors based in the North West Europe countries will be able to benefit from a low cost entry and up-to-date library in English and Dutch which includes a.o. the following topics. 

Process simulations

  • Synthesis-Distillation train 
  • Heat exchanger
  • Drying
  • ...


  • Steam boiler
  • Measurement technology
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Absorption and Extraction
  • Fermentation
  • ...


Furthermore, an examination database is available to test the acquired knowledge and understanding of students or employees. This also enables certification of the trainees





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